Town Council

The seven member Town Council consists of six (6) Council members and one (1) Mayor. Except when appointed to fill a vacancy, all Council members shall be elected at large. The Town Council is the legislative and governing body of the Town of Hayden, which is a home rule municipality. The Town Council provides direction to Town staff, enacts laws, adopts a budget and has the power of appointment over numerous Town officials. The Town Budget, approved and adopted by the Town Council, is used to estimate all of the revenues and expenses of Town and to provide spending direction for projects.

The Council meets the first and third Thursday of each month in Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. If you would like to be on a Town Council agenda or for more information, please contact Sharon Johnson at (970)276-3741 ext. 14 or click on the document link below, complete and submit the form to Town Hall. All public notices are posted at the Hayden Town Hall.

Request for Town Council Agenda

Town Councilmembers

Mayor – Tim Redmond

Mayor Pro-tem – Ashley McMurray

Councilmember – Richard “Festus” Hagins

Councilmember – Emily Meek

Councilmember – Trevor Gann

Councilmember – Zach Wuestewald

Councilmember – Tammi Engle


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