Registered Sex Offenders

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Registered sex offenders (RSO) are only shown for areas under the Hayden Police Department’s jurisdiction and pursuant to 16-22-112, C.R.S. For information about registered sex offenders within Routt County, please contact the Routt County Sheriff’s Office.

Juvenile sex offender information will only be posted if the juvenile has been adjudicated for two or more offenses involving unlawful sexual behavior or a crime of violence as defined in section 18-1.3-406, C.R.S. or as required to register pursuant to section 16-22-103 because he or she was adjudicated for an offense that would have been a felony if committed by an adult and has failed to register as required by section 16-22-103.

The Colorado sex offender registry includes only those persons who have been required by law to register and who are in compliance with the sex offender registration laws. Persons should not rely solely on the sex offender registry as a safeguard against perpetrators of sexual assault in their communities. The crime for which a person is convicted may not accurately reflect the level of risk. For additional information regarding convicted sex offenders, you may access the Colorado Bureau in Investigation’s web site at

By clicking here, I hereby agree I will not use the sex offender registry information to inflict retribution or additional punishment upon any registrant named therein and I will not sell or distribute such information.



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