Chief’s Message

Hayden patch -finalI would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Hayden Police Department’s website. The Town of Hayden’s Police Department prides itself in serving the Town of Hayden, and we are very proud of our role as a major partner in the Town of Hayden’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall quality of life within our community. This site was created to provide residents and visitors with important information concerning public safety in our community. It also includes information about the Police Department, its services, and reflects our goal to improve communication between the Police Department and the community of Hayden.

The police profession is a noble and honorable calling that requires integrity, honesty, dedication, and a commitment to serve our community.  This calling to the police profession is part of the Hayden Police Department’s overall philosophy of Community Oriented Policing. It is our honor to serve our community and provide the best service possible in order to order to meet our goals of protecting life and property, improving the quality of life, and reducing crime and fear of crime in our community.

The Town of Hayden employs a dedicated group of officers who work together to deliver the best possible policing services to all. I hope you enjoy your visit and if you are interested in further information concerning the Police Department, please feel free to contact us.

Greg Tuliszewski
Chief of Police