Bids & RFP’s



Date: June 11, 2020


CDOT Project Number: MTF M615-004
CDOT Project Code: 23845

1. General Information

The Town of Hayden, Colorado (the Town), is requesting proposals to provide design, engineering services and construction project management for a State funded Multi-Modal (MMOF) Grant project and a possible Safe Routes to School project. The project includes
approximately 12,431 linear

The project consists of design and constructing a sidewalk and ADA ramps (as needed) along Highway 40 from Shelton Ln to 6th Street on both the north and south sides of Hwy 40 (see attached map). The construction phases could be phased based on funding availability. The Town will be applying for a Safe Routes to School grant to increase the funding for the project in fall.

This contract will include preliminary and final design engineering, preparation of construction plans, specifications and bid documents. Also included will be project management including the bid process.

The anticipated construction budget for the project is a total of $828,000.00.

The DBE goal for engineering services is not applicable given the funding sources.

2. Scope of Services

General Requirement of Consultant:

Produce plans and specifications for construction of the sidewalk that meet all requirements for CDOT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). While completing this, the consultant will perform the following tasks.

a. Work and coordinate with Town staff along with attendance at neighborhood meetings
to garner public acceptance of the project, details of plans, profiles and specifications,
construction bidding, scheduling, sampling of materials, routine inspections and all
other items related to this project.
b. Work and coordinate with Town staff for all topographical surveying needs as required
by CDOT.
c. Obtain environmental clearance. Prepare documentation necessary to complete CDOT Form 128 or any other forms or permits required by local, state or federal entities.
d. Coordinate with utility provider to determine temporary and permanent mitigation measures.
e. Obtain CDOT clearances for design, ROW, environmental and utilities and secure CDOT concurrence to advertise.
f. Work with CDOT and complete all necessary requirements for the transportation grants received for the project.
g. Work with the Town to ensure compliance with Town, CDOT and FHWA standards and specifications.
h. Assess the hydraulics of the routes and provide appropriate surface drainage in the sidewalk design.
i. Evaluate and provide recommendations for reclamation of the areas disturbed during construction to be included in the bidding documents. Areas disturbed include but are not limited to utilities, vegetation and any improved landscaped areas.
j. A final engineer’s opinion of probable construction costs for the project will be prepared after the construction documents have been finalized.
k. Bid documents and technical specifications will be prepared and provided to the Town.
These plans and specifications will be developed and stamped by an engineer certified in the State of Colorado. Please provide 6 original sealed hardcopies of the construction bid documents, including 1 USB flash drive in Adobe PDF format. It is not necessary that the plans be developed using a particular drafting/design platform. Final plan submittal shall include 3 PE stamped sets of 11 X 17 plans and 1 PE stamped set of 24 X 36 plans and digitally sealed electronic copy.
l. Please do not include rate sheets or cost estimates for consultant work at this time. The evaluation will be determined on a qualifications based process only.
f. Construction Project Management:
• Prepare and distribute bid packets (ensuring that all Federal and State requirements are met in contract preparation);
• Assist the Town in bid opening and prepare bid tabulation;
• Conduct pre-construction conference with contractor(s) and staff
representatives, documenting files with minutes of meeting;
• Conduct work-in-progress inspections giving periodic reports and approving any
and all partial payment requests;
• Review progress schedule, shop drawing submittals concerning acceptability;
• Attend preconstruction, progress and any other project related meetings;
• Act as the Town’s liaison with Contractor, CDOT, FHWA;
• Arrange for materials testing on as needed basis per CDOT and Town
• Review contractor’s work, reject defective work, conduct routine inspections
and review test reports;
• Interpret contract documents, specifications, and plans;
• Consider and evaluate contractor’s suggestions for modifications and make
• Records: Maintain daily diaries and job site orderly files for correspondence, meetings, work directive changes, addenda, change orders, field orders, material certifications and test reports, additional drawings issued, clarification and interpretations of contract documents, payment documentation, progress reports, and other project related documents;
• Reports: Furnish the Town periodic progress reports, consult with the Town in advance of scheduled major tests, inspections or start of important phases of work, draft proposed supplemental agreements, quantity adjustments and work directive changes, field orders, etc.;
• Review pay applications with contractor for compliance and forward to the Town for further handling;
• Completion: Before issuing a certificate of substantial completion, submit a list
of observed items requiring completion or correction, conduct a final inspection in the company of the Town, Contractor, CDOT, and FWHA, and prepare a final list of items to be completed or corrected, and observe if completed;
• Provide Final Project Closeout as required by the Town, CDOT & FHWA.
The proposal should include all information necessary to evaluate the qualifications and capability of the firm to complete the work. At a minimum, this should include:
a. Key personnel and their roles with the project
b. Past experience on similar CDOT projects
c. Estimated schedule of the work
General Requirements of the Town:
a. The Town will provide the use of any existing Town maps, aerials and AutoCAD base map for design and reproduction purposes.

3. Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Town staff, following the closing date for submission, will evaluate submitted proposals. The review committee will use the following evaluation criteria:
a. The firm’s overall qualifications and experience related to similar projects and their technical competence and resources to carry out the project successfully.
• Provide a thorough background and qualifications summary.
• Provide a list of the Project Manager and all key personnel to be utilized on the project, including a description of their qualifications and skills (also include for any sub-consultants on the project).
• References from other similar design and engineering projects are required (including owner’s name, name of project, project contract person and phone number).
b. A demonstrated understanding of the project and the work required as well as the thoroughness and conciseness of the firm’s proposal.
• Provide a brief narrative indicating the full understanding of the project and related work required.
• Identify key personnel (including sub-consultants) who will be assigned to each major task. Include a description of their prior work experience with similar projects.
c. Evaluation factors for short list:
• Qualification;
• Approach to the Work;
• Ability to furnish professional services;
• Anticipated design concepts, and;
• Alternative methods of approach for furnishing the professional service.
d. Evaluation factors for final selection are the consultant’s:
• Abilities of their personnel;
• Past performance;
• Willingness to meet the time and budget requirement;
• Location;
• Current and projected work load;
• Volume of previously awarded contracts, and;
• Involvement of minority consultants.

4. Award of Contract:

a. After receipt of proposals, the Town will use the following factors in selection the consultant to complete the project.
• Substantiated representations regarding the Consultant’s experience and competence to accomplish the required work as set forth in the Request for Statements of Qualifications.
• Clearly demonstrated understanding of the proposed project. Completeness and reasonableness of Consultant’s plan and approach to provide the services as requested.
• Schedule for completion of the work.
• Expertise and qualifications of consultants and sub consultants.
b. All proposals will be evaluated by a committee assigned by the Town Manager or his designee. The Committee may make a selection on the basis of the Statements received or may choose to “short list” prospective firms for an interview. The Town will select the most qualified firm, in its opinion, and conduct negotiations for the fee. Should the Town and the first selected firm not come to terms on the fee, the Town will continue fee negotiations with the next most qualified firm whose price is fair and reasonable.
The firm selected for the award will be chosen on the basis of qualifications and experience and the apparent greatest benefit to the Town and not necessarily on the basis of lowest cost.
c. The Town reserves the right to reject any and all bids and proposals, to waive informalities or irregularities, in the proposals received, and to reject nonconforming, non-responsive, conditional or qualified proposals, and to accept the bid/proposal which, in the Town’s judgement, best serves the interest of the Town of Hayden and its

5. Submission Deadline:

a. Response to the RFQ must be in the form of a formal proposal submitted electronically to Mathew Mendisco at mathew.mendisco@haydencolorado.or and Julianna Brown at or mailed to the below address.

Hwy 40 Sidewalk Project
Town of Hayden
c/o Mathew Mendisco – Town Manager
178 West Jefferson Ave
Hayden, CO 81639

The Town of Hayden reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, waive informalities, or accept any proposal which appears to serve their best interest.

For further information, contact Mathew Mendisco
Town of Hayden, Town Manager
(970) 276-3741