Town of Hayden Snowplowing Standard Operating Procedure

Snowplowing Standard Operating Procedure during Snow Season (October 1st – May 31st)

7 days per week:

  • The person on call gets up and checks at 2:30 am for snow. Call has to be made at 2:30am in order to start at 3am and be done by around 7am.
  • Threshold for full plow is at 3 inches but it is a judgement call if there is 2 to 2 ½ inches based on current weather conditions.
  • We use 2- 140 motor graders, 1 Loader, 1 Backhoe, 1/2 John Deere tractor, and ½ pickup and sander.
  • If call is made not to plow and at 2:30am and we get more snow fall afterward past 3 inches crews reengage between 6am – 7am with goal of completion by 11am unless PW Director or Town Manager make call not to plow.
  • During day crews will plow again depending on snow fall but goal is to do it at least once within 24 hour period.

Weekdays (Mon-Fri):

  • If on call person gets up and if there is less than 3 inches of snow at 2:30am crews come in at 6am and plow sidewalks , Town Hall , Police Dept , Face of Hospital Hill, and sand the entire sand route during week days.
  • Equipment used is sand pickup, John Deere tractor and backhoe.

Weekends (Sat- Sun):

  • The on call person gets up at 2:30am and if there is less than 3 Inches the on call guy comes in at 6am and plows the face of the hill and sands the entire sand route .
  • The on call guy will also plow sidewalks as time allows as they also do daily water and sewer checks and operates the Water Treatment Plant.
  • The on call person will also keep the entire town sanded until 8pm at night.

Snow Plow Map