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Hayden Police Dept Badge - police - Small File SizeWelcome to the Hayden Police Department’s webpages. The men and women of the Hayden Police Department serve this community as part of the Town of Hayden’s overall commitment to provide the best possible service to the residents and visitors of our fair community.

The Hayden Police Department responds to calls for service and requests for citizen assistance. A part of the officers responsibilities are, responding to calls for service, investigations of criminal offenses, traffic law, code enforcement, and crime prevention. However a large part of the Police Departments time is spent on non-criminal cases. (Medical emergencies, traffic accidents, lost property, crime prevention, etc.)

The Hayden Police Department embraces the following Mission and Values:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hayden Police Department is to provide outstanding, skillful, and responsive public safety services to the citizens both within, and outside of, the Town of Hayden. As members of the Hayden Police Department we will strive to be approachable to the public; will consistently and compassionately enforce laws; provide services requested and needed by the public; and commit to the goal of achieving a safe, crime free community. Through partnership with our citizens, other government agencies, and the public, we will strive to exemplify the professionalism and honor that is part of being a Police Officer. The Hayden Police Department views all residents, visitors, and businesses as our customer(s) and will actively conduct ourselves in a fashion commendable of respect.

Departmental Values

Accountability: The value that is representative of one’s organization, to account for either your actions or the actions of your organization.

Respect: The value that denotes national pride and a high regard for all citizens, the Constitution, and authority of office.  Law enforcement officers must show respect for others through temperance, fairness, and civility in the execution of their duties and conduct of their personal lives.

Cooperation: The value of Law Enforcement that exemplifies the act or instance of working together for a common purpose and/or benefit. Police Officers should demonstrate cooperation with the community, the citizens and other agencies in order to achieve the desired outcome of a safe and prosperous community.

Agency Professionalism: The value that demonstrates the integrity, fairness, honesty, courage, compassion, transparency, and respect of a Professional Police Officer.

Consistency: The value characterized by freedom from prejudice or favoritism. Consistency is the essential attribute of impartiality and is a cornerstone of the relationship between the citizenry and those sworn to protect and serve them.  Law enforcement officers must treat each other, all witnesses, victims, and suspects, fairly and consistency, without reference to personal feelings, beliefs or interest.  Fairness requires respect for cultural and ethnic diversity.

In case of an Emergency dial 911. For after hours sevice please call dispatch at 970-276-3232

If we can be of assistance please feel free to contact us.


Police Chief
Greg Tuliszewski 
(970) 276-2535 ext 308

Police Sergeant
Shawn Hockaday 
(970) 276-2535 ext. 307 

Police Officers
John Kregar 
(970) 276-2535 ext    

Tague Humenik
(970) 276-2535 ext

Seth Huntington
(970) 276-2535 ext  

Reserve Police Officers
Storm Fallon 
(970) 276-2535

Community Service Officer
Meredith Murray 
(970) 276-2535 ext. 305 

Police Clerk
Sandy Boston 
(970) 276-2535 ext. 300


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