Planning Commission

The Town Manager officially serves as the Town’s planner; however, the Town currently utilizes a contract planner for all planning and zoning issues. Questions regarding planning and zoning issues should be addressed to RG and Associates, LLC. Please contact at 303-293-8107 and ask for the Hayden Planner. The Planning Commission holds meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Contact Sharon Johnson, Town Clerk, at (970) 276-3741 ext. 14, if you would like to be on the agenda. All public notices are posted at the Hayden Town Hall and here on the website.


Angie Robinson, Chairperson – (970) 276-9007
Amy Williams, Vice Chairperson- (970) 276-4293
Tim Frentress - (970) 276-3262
John St. Pierre – (970) 846-7735
Chris Rainwater - (970)-757-0007