Notice of Public Hearing


Please take notice that the Planning Commission for the Town of Hayden, a Colorado home rule town, will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at Hayden Town Hall, 178 West Jefferson Avenue, Town of Hayden, Routt County, Colorado.
Purpose: The Planning Commission will consider and act on approving a proposed Site Plan for Kum & Go Store #1904; a convenience store with gas pumps located on 1.0± acres at the northeast corner of N. Poplar Street and W. Jefferson Avenue. The property is zoned Commercial (C) where the proposed use is allowed by right. Kum & Go proposes to construct a new prototype building on the northeast corner yet keep the existing convenience store and gas pumps on the northwest corner of West Jefferson Ave. and N. Chestnut Street until such time the new store is operational. A second phase will demolish the existing store and construct a second gas canopy. A Final Plat/Replat for this project will be presented to Town Council at their upcoming April 18, 2019 meeting.

Applicant: Olsson; on behalf of Kum & Go
Town Staff: Ross Culbertson, Hayden Town Planner
Sharon Johnson, Hayden Town Clerk
Published Date: Sunday, March 10, 2019
Newspaper: Steamboat Today

Neighborhood and Community Meeting – Jan. 14

Share your input on a new proposed development in Hayden. Olsson, on behalf of Kum & Go, is proposing to develop and relocate to the northeast corner of Jefferson Avenue and Poplar Street. The meeting will be held on Monday, January 14th at 6:00pm at Hayden Town Hall, 178 West Jefferson Avenue, Hayden, CO. Learn more about the meeting and proposal here.



Waste Management will provide final trash and recycling collection on December 26, 2018.

Please place your containers at the curb by
7:00 a.m. on December 26, and leave them at the curb after they have been emptied. Do not add any additional materials to your WM containers after they are emptied on December 26.

Waste Management will pick up empty WM containers beginning December 27. If you will not be home the week of December 26, please make arrangements to have your WM containers left at the curb for collection.

Thank you!

On behalf of our entire team at Waste Management of Colorado, THANK YOU for the opportunity to keep Hayden safe, clean and green. We have enjoyed servicing the community and hope to have the chance to return in the future.

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


Aces High is the Town of Hayden’s New Trash & Recycle Collector
starting on January 1st 2019.

New trash & recycle containers will be delivered to your home the week of Dec. 17th

Please have your containers to the curb by 7am, We will pick it up in the course of the day. Trash service will be every Tuesday and recycle will be every “OTHER” Tuesday starting Jan 1, 2019
For Updates & Recycling Guidelines

Roof Snow Load Safety Information

Dear Routt County Citizens,
This winter has brought significant snowfall to the Routt County area, and now we are beginning to see additional snowfall into March with high moisture content or mixed with rain as well. Our roofs although different than mountain terrain, can pose similar threats in terms of snow slides or ice break-offs from your roof edges. Additionally property owners should be aware of the value of Roof Snow Load their roofs were structurally constructed to support, and this will take owners reviewing their original drawings or contacting the professional that designed or constructed their building or home.
Routt County Building Department began reviewing Building Plans in 1975, and through that review process Routt County is considered a Case Study zone by Building Codes. This means that Routt County Building Department historically has provided Professionals and Property Owners with a set value of Ground Snow Load value per location, then the Professional or Owner uses the Ground Snow Load value to calculate their Roof Snow Load per square foot, this is the value of snow load the roof is constructed to hold. This value increases obviously based in geographic location and your property elevation as well, so areas and higher elevations that see significant higher amounts of snow would have a higher Ground Snow value than a property along the valley floor. Roof Snow Load designs can range from 50PSF up to 160PSF throughout Routt County, depending again on your location and elevation, so it’s important for you to know your Roof Snow Load value.
As a property owner or property manager you should also be aware of the potential threat of snow slides, snow drifting over the roof edges, and ice build-up as well. As we begin to see more snow in March packed with moisture, or rain and higher temperatures this can cause snow or ice to break-off at the along the edges and fall to the ground or onto your walking surfaces along your building.

The Routt County Building Department wanted to inform our citizens of these risks associated with the snowfall we have seen this season, and evaluate your roofs conditions and make smart decisions on mitigating any potential risks that may exist. These risks will strongly vary depending upon your location, roof style, roof pitch, and type of roofing materials as well, if you’re in doubt please contact a professional to get their advice. Also it’s important to consider what lies below your roof edge, is there a walking surface where you or the public travel daily, is there a parking area, or other areas where you or the public use on a daily basis. Please also check any paths of egress along your building, such as window wells or window openings leading from bedrooms, please maintain a clear path in these areas of Means of Egress in case an Emergency arises and you need to use this opening or pathway to escape.
Last, if you feel that mitigation needs to happen, please take extra safety precautions if you intend to remove any snow or ice from your roofs, this process can be extremely dangerous. You will want to ensure there are no vehicles or people below roof edges as you perform this work, ensure everyone knows to stay out of this work area, use proper equipment like a long roof rake that keeps you out of the pathway of snow or ice that will fall to the ground. Most important, if you intend to stand on your roof, please research proper safety measures on how to perform this work, ensure your tied off properly with safety equipment, ropes and harnesses to ensure your kept safe while performing this work. There are also plenty of local companies and professionals that specialize in providing this service for you and understand how to perform this work safely. Last, you must also be careful when removing the snow or ice not to damage your roofing materials, depending upon the type of materials you building may have, so research this as well and don’t feel it’s necessary to remove the snow or ice down to the top of the roofing material, your goal should be to mitigate the risk not completely remove all the snow or ice.
We appreciate your citizens taking time to review this article, but remember this can be extremely dangerous work and your safety and the public’s safety should always come first, when in doubt contact a professional to assist you with any type of mitigation work.
Todd Carr, Building Official
Routt County Regional Building Department

Town Councilmember Application

Town Councilmember

Town Council for the Town of Hayden is seeking a qualified person to serve on the Town Council for a 2 year term starting January 1, 2019 through November 2020. This person will be filling a vacancy due to an existing Councilmember moving at the end of 2018. Basic qualification are below:

-Must be a 21 years of age.
-Must have been a resident of Town of Hayden for at least 24 months.
-Must live in Town of Hayden.
-Must be a qualified elector in the Town of Hayden.

The Town Council will also consider work experience/overall experience.

Interested applicants must submit an application which can be found here. Applications are due 12/3/2018 at 5pm and can be submitted in person at Town Hall or via email. Applications can also be emailed at the request of an interested person. Please fill out the entire application even if you submit a resume and cover letter.

Applications will be reviewed by the Town Council at the December 6th, 2018 meeting. Interested applicants may be asked to come to the Town Council meeting for a brief interview which must be conducted in a public meeting.

If you have questions please reach out to Mathew Mendisco, Town Manager at 970-276-3741 or email at

Emergency Boil Order

Town of Hayden has issued an emergency Boil Order for all drinking water until 10am on October 19, 2018.

Boil water before drinking for 5 minutes. Call Town Call at 970.276.3741 for further information.

Vista Verde/Santa Fe Construction Information



Vista Verde/Santa Fe

(720) 323-2758 Pat

Construction Period

Start Date: 8-07-2018

Estimated Completion:


Construction hours 7-6 M-F

The Town of Hayden is undertaking a significant reconstruction on Vista Verde. New curb and gutter will be installed along with a fully reconstructed road surface and water main.

There will be unavoidable inconvenience; the Town and our Construction personnel will make every effort to minimize periods of limited access. At times those periods could be several days as we repair what were unfortunate construction methods at the time of development.

Please understand our team is doing its best to accommodate residents living in the immediate area. A new waterline is being installed to allow for better access for Town maintenance operations and service the residents. With the waterline installation water service may be interrupted for periods of an hour or more.

Patience and understanding the inconvenience now will be rewarded with a new infrastructure in the very near future. We can all help the Contractor complete the work as quickly as possible, so please help with your patience!

Thank You All!

From Your Town Staff

Here to Service the Community

Colorado Smoke Outlook/Air Quality Alert

If moderate to heavy smoke is visible, air quality has reached levels that are unhealthy.
Not everyone who is exposed to wildfire smoke will have health problems.
Most healthy adults and children will recover quickly from smoke exposure and will not suffer long-term health consequences.
Particulate matter exposure is the principal public health threat from short-term exposures to wildfire smoke.
What are symptoms related to smoke exposure?
•Eye, nose and/or throat irritation–runny eyes and/or nose.
•Coughing, sore throat.
•Trouble breathing or tightness of the chest, which may be symptoms of a health emergency.
•The onset of symptoms related to pre-existing respiratory ailments like asthma or emphysema.
•Weakened immune system after prolonged exposure to smoke.

•Consider limiting outdoor activity when moderate to heavy smoke is present and relocating temporarily if smoke is present indoors and is making you ill.
•Use air conditioners on re-circulate mode and with the highest quality filters appropriate for the model, HEPA air filters, and close your windows. Move to a shelter if you do not have air conditioning and your home is too hot with the windows closed.

Please refer to links below, for additional information.