Hayden Economic Development Commission

The Town of Hayden is accepting applications for The Hayden Economic Development Commission.The purpose of the Hayden Economic Development Commission (HEDC) shall be to work for the community in relation to the orderly, progressive and diversified growth of the economic base of the Town of Hayden. Broadly, listed below are tasks that the HEDC will work to achieve:

A. Formulation of economic development goals and objectives based on established strategic plan/plans as adopted by the Town Council; and

B. Adoption of an economic development strategic business plan (as set forth and adopted by the Town Council) and implementation of that plan through economic development strategies; and

C. Promotion of economic development in the Town of Hayden; and

D. Encouragement of development providing employment opportunities for existing and future residents and also providing for a diverse and stable economic base; and

E. Fundraising for economic development purposes; and

F. Any other activities related to economic development that could provide positive economic development to the Town of Hayden or will help with the implementation of the Town’s economic strategic business plan.


Hayden EDC Bylaws

Hayden EDC Application 

Please submit Applications to Town Manager, Mathew Mendisco mathew.mendisco@haydencolorado.org