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Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Hayden (Hayden) has the need to update its Comprehensive Plan and add additional components such as an economic master plan and update the three mile annexation plan. The Town of Hayden, Colorado is at an exciting time in its history with the opportunity to significantly leverage its assets (attainable real estate, new school construction, old school building redevelopment, western historical heritage, high-quality natural amenities, high quality of life, migration of people, strong partnerships with other stakeholders, significant opportunities for smart growth in our municipal boundary, and growing entrepreneurial efforts) while respecting our core values. People who live in and or surround Hayden love the natural surroundings, connection to neighbors, and life-long learning.

Hayden is seeking a creative team with a public engagement approach where Town staff and the consulting team can collaboratively work with the community to create a compelling vision for the future and an action plan to achieve that vision. Progressive and new Town leadership at all levels in the last two years have come together to advance several economic development initiatives and an update to the comprehensive plan making it a more all-inclusive approach (not just land-use) is the next step in the overall development of Hayden.

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