Town Councilmember Application

Town Councilmember

Town Council for the Town of Hayden is seeking a qualified person to serve on the Town Council for a 2 year term starting January 1, 2019 through November 2020. This person will be filling a vacancy due to an existing Councilmember moving at the end of 2018. Basic qualification are below:

-Must be a 21 years of age.
-Must have been a resident of Town of Hayden for at least 24 months.
-Must live in Town of Hayden.
-Must be a qualified elector in the Town of Hayden.

The Town Council will also consider work experience/overall experience.

Interested applicants must submit an application which can be found here. Applications are due 12/3/2018 at 5pm and can be submitted in person at Town Hall or via email. Applications can also be emailed at the request of an interested person. Please fill out the entire application even if you submit a resume and cover letter.

Applications will be reviewed by the Town Council at the December 6th, 2018 meeting. Interested applicants may be asked to come to the Town Council meeting for a brief interview which must be conducted in a public meeting.

If you have questions please reach out to Mathew Mendisco, Town Manager at 970-276-3741 or email at