Press Release: May 11, 2016

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The Town of Hayden and Hayden Town Council is pleased to welcome its newest Councilmember, Mr Charles Forrest. Mr Forrest has been a resident of Hayden for several years and is actively engaged in the community. Councilman Forrest was appointed to the Hayden Town Council following the resignation of Councilman Jim Folley. Councilman Folley has served on the Hayden Town Council since 2012 and will be relocating to be better positioned to see his family. Councilman Forrest will serve the remaining time of Councilman Folley’s term which expires in November of 2016.
The Town of Hayden is continuing its search for Town Manager. Over the past several weeks the Town of Hayden has reviewed, sought community input, and interviewed several potential candidates for the vital role of Town Manager. While many of the candidates brought strengths and various talents to the process, the Town of Hayden is continuing its search to find the candidate who will be best suited in helping the Town as it continues to move forward.
Please contact the Town of Hayden with any questions @ 970-276- 3741


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